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We design the Parametric Design Tools/Interfaces for Architects/Engineers

Facadehub. WIP 1.0 released on 01Dec2017



We design the Parametric Engineering Tools/Interfaces for Architects/Engineers

ParaStaad. WIP 3.9 released on 01May2016


Our Projects 


In order to reach a fully parametric design, we programmed our running project in China the fully parametric/adaptived section with 3d model, and the structural analysis is done by our interface plug-in ParaStaad.

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Who are Heroes ?



The one aiming for perfect works without considering you are tired already. 

The one share your knowledge to others without considering that's valuable experience. 

The one respect other's knowledge even for younger  

Everyone who responsible for his/her life is HEROES

WE(Heroes Architects & Engineer) are a group of people whom simple looking for the most wonderful skill of design & engineering

WE believe the future is full of parametric works and it will make our world better.

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Facade Design/Engineering Services

The description should be short but informative 

The description should be short but informative 


 As a result of digitalization penetration of architects design, façade design inevitable will evolved its platform from 2D design to 3D design. Since 2010, we started the first project by parametric modeling and engineering. After many ye­­­­­­­­ars practice and building 3d library, no­­­­w we are offering all types of works in 3D. with the following service: parametric + adaptive 3d modeling parametric structural      engineering parametric fabrication machine & projectsCustomized programming plug-in for rhino and grasshopper

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