Chengdu Ice Tower


SCOPE OF WORK Facade 3d Fabrication

About the Project

The form of the tower was inspired by the unique ice mountain topography around the city, with an angled, mountainous façade that emulates the cool bluish hue of the rocky formations in deep winter. Like the mountain ridges reflecting the light of the sky and the valleys reflecting light from the earth, the tower will perform as a light sculpture to diffuse light from 360 degrees, creating a connection between the ground plane and the sky. A series of inset LED lights along the exterior will enhance this effect at night, causing the tower itself to be an enduring visual centerpiece for the larger development.

Chengdu Greenland Tower's architecture and structure are married perfectly. The design fully considers the structural requirements of a supertall building in a high seismic zone, using a geometrical plan, a tapered form, and a high-performance damper bracing system to ensure the structure's stability and efficiency. The building also features an allotment of high-efficiency sustainability systems, including high-performance glass paneling on the exterior.`

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