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The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, is predicted to be the largest photovoltaic solar power facility in the UAE region. At the heart of the Solar Park will be the Solar Innovation Centre, a new interactive exhibition facility, set to draw researchers, tourists, students, and business professionals from across the UAE.

An education and convention destination, the Solar Innovation Centre will promote the sustainable future development of the Emirate of Dubai, and showcase the Solar Park as an important hub in Dubai’s Integrated Energy Strategy. 

The award winning design for the Solar Innovation Centre celebrates the unique identity of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Based on the principles of ‘divine geometry’ seen in Islamic art, the Solar Innovation Centre's unique form rises to over 85m and is instantly recognisable, the design reinforces the parks’ notability.

Connected to its surroundings on all sides by twisting ribbons of glass, the angular formation of the spire creates dynamic, faceted interior spaces. Playing host to exhibitions and facilities that highlight sustainable energy and key features within the solar park, the interior design inspires curiosity, action, and exploration.

The building not only educates visitors about sustainable energy, technology, and design, it also integrates this knowledge into it’s own design and management. Integrated photovoltaic panels, maximised solar shading, smart management systems, high performance solar control glazing, recycling systems, water saving fixings, and reserved parking for low emission vehicles, are some of the sustainable design details of the Solar Innovation Centre, which is aspiring to achieve a prestigious LEED Platinum rating.

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