Who are Heroes ?

You are Heroes !

The one aiming for perfect works

The one sharing the knowledge to others

The one respecting others even for youth

Everyone who's responsible for his/her life is Heroes

We are a group of people looking for wonderful design & engineering

We believe parametric design/engineering will make our world better


As a result of digitalization penetration of architects design,façade design inevitable will evolved its platform from 2D design to 3D design. 

Since 2010, we started the first project by full 3D parametric model and engineering. 

After many years of practice and building 3d library, now we are offering all types of works in 3D.Including 3D façade modeling, 3D façade engineering, 3D façade fabrication, customized programming plug-in for rhino. 

We have built long-term cooperative relations with experts acrossfaçade design, façade engineering, building energy, building structure, analysis of algorithms, customized program for construction purposes. 

We are willing to 

 1: Share our experience, 

 2: Gain new ideas by discussions between you and us, 

 3: And as a result to help your project to get adopted the right way. 

For more information on any of our services, or to discuss a project-specific proposal.

please contact us through our central email as below:



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