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Fabrication Modelling


HAE can produce a stunning façade model with ‘fabrication-level’ details. We use our in-house Grasshopper® plug-ins ‘Facade Hub’ to script the design and the fabrication drawings are automatically generated in this process. So it is an advantage if the project is big and complex. Our use of technology allows us to ensure an accurate implementation from the design concept to the physical real fabrication and assembly. This important strategy paves the way for more advanced façade design, not just today, but in the future as well. 

People need tools to bring their idea to life. And in the world of architecture, visions that never come to fruition are worth nothing.

Our façade 3D modelling has made it easier for architects and engineers alike to, at the beginning of the design stage, see how their designs will function before they’re implemented and installed on site. From there, everyone can visualize the designs that they have in mind before actually building them in person. Thanks to our coding capability, we’re able to cut the fabrication drawing production time of large and complex building projects dramatically – and in some cases, by as much as 75%. For a large-scale free-form skyscraper, a typical fabrication design firm may provide a time table of two years. At HAE, we can do it in just 6 months – that’s the benefit of working with proprietary plug-in scripts!

BIM Modelling


Remember, every single project requires a BIM model. With that said, BIM modelling can be labour-intensive, time-consuming, and inaccurate - which is not for real fabrication such that the project team need to prepare a separate set of documents specific for fabrication ONLY. From generating two ‘similar but different’ documents, the project profit is drained to nowhere.

Here at HAE, we provide a BIM model that is generated from our fabrication model to save time, labour, efforts, and frustration later on down the line.

As a FREE add-on from our fabrication model, you’ll be able to submit your ‘full-accurate’ façade BIM model to your client for their design coordination, as well as further building information modelling process. In other words, When we make your fabrication model, BIM model will be given for FREE!

Engineering Consulting


Conventional façade consultancy is providing ‘design-intent’ drawings and ‘performance-based’ specification requirement, so all the headaches and liabilities are left to the contractor. Our approach is different – we work directly with contractors together so we provide the most practical and ‘down-to-earth’ solutions to clear the obstacles and push the project forward.

Here at HAE, our biggest asset is our dedicated team with more than 5 branches in cities located throughout the world, along with more than 30 façade designers, coders, and project managers who are well versed and experienced in façade design, engineering, and coding.

Software Development


Our vast experience and expertise in modern façade design software, has allowed us to take on larger software development projects throughout the last number of years.Using Grasshopper®, the programming plug-in of the design software Rhino®, our software developers leverage the plug-ins like FacadeHub for architects and ParaStaad for engineers.

FaçadeHub is a Grasshopper® plug-in for modelling a complete façade model. It is dedicated to the façade system to be able to automatically generate the 3d model of the unitized facade from 2d section details. It also provides enhanced components for producing dimensions, especially for façade fabrication drawings.

ParaStaad is a Grasshopper® plug-in for professional structural analysis. You can use it to conduct complex structural analysis by using the building model in Rhino® and directly link it with the engineering software StaadPro®. With the editor components, you can do any modification you can in the StaadPro® by just update the codes in Grasshopper®. In other words, Parastaad can build (or modify) a structural model in a flash! 



HAE is proud to support industry-leading technology in the form of automated design. With Façade Robotics, the HAE facade model supports advanced robotics technology, which is designed to help automate façade access in high rise buildings throughout the world. 

With our programming technology, automated bots are also able to clean solar panels, clean façades, clean windows, and so much more. Also, they can be used to put out fires in high rise buildings with the automatic deployment of extinguishing fluid when it detects a fire on the surface of a building façade.

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