A01. EBOT - 1st Fire Extinguisher Robot for Buildings of the world

A02. EBOT - Introduction Video

B01. EBOT - UAE Agent - Meeting - 09May2019

Agent Attendance: Mr.Hasan, Ms.Aika
Funder/Manager of Ebot: Mr. Xin

B02. EBOT - UAE Agent

Required Documents to be sent to Email: team@heroesae.com
1, Brief Introduction of Agent and the Team
2, Passport Copy
3, NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
4, Business Plan from Agent of UAE Market & Global Market.

B03. EBOT - Agent Responsibility

1, Looking for the clients who will purchase Ebot
2, Business plan for the sales of Ebot
3, Estimated Ebot Sales Amount 50 Sets/Year in the first year, 200 sets Ebot in the second/third year.


Below schedule is the initial version of ebot works

Ebot MOA with Agent


Business Development

Estimated Ebot Sales Amount as Below List

LPO from Clients

Local Purchase Order from Clients

Test Ebot on Site

Enter a description

Advance Payment for Ebot

Payment to Heroes Architects & Engineers

Agent Receive Advance Fee

Payment to Agent

Ebot-R101 Customized Fabrication As per Client Buildings & Delivery on site

Including Software and Hardware design and fabrication

Ebot-R101 Installation & Test

HAE will be hire the installation team and do the test, paid by client for installation.

Ebot Test Report 1st Circle 15 days


Ebot-R101 Try and Error Test


Ebot Payment


Ebot Running Track

Daily tracking at the first month, weekly tracking at the second and third months.
every 30 days

Ebot Regular Maintenance

Enter a description

C01. EBOT - HAE Responsibility

Ebot-R101: Cost_EbotR101=Dhs300,000/Set
  • Including Software/Hardware/Engineer/Materials/Chips/Logistics/Storage/Replacement/workman ship/etc.
  • Maintenance Fee MF_EbotR101= Dhs25,000/Set/Year, should paid by clients, the fee will be varies due to complex of building.

C02. EBOT - Agent Requirement

Ebot-R101 Sales Price: Sale_P_EbotR101=Dhs500,000/Set or above
Agent should achieve the target as below list
Agent to built up his sales team
Fail to achieve the target will affect the profit sharing for agent
Enage with the clients
Business plan for the sales of Ebot

C03. EBOT - Profit Sharing

Ebot Sale Gross Profit GP_EbotR101=Dhs200,000/Set or above
  1. Agent share 25% gross profit: Agent Gross Profit 25%*GP_EbotR101=Dhs50,000/Set. Agent will invest on the sales team and clients relationship.
  2. HAE share 75% gross profit: HAE Gross Profit 75%*GP_EbotR101=Dhs150,000/Set. HAE will keep invest on the technology of hardware and software since its costly for any hardward and software design.
  3. All payment through HAE bank account and HAE will issue the payment to Agent within 5 working days.
YearTarget QTYUnitIncreasingGross ProfitUnitAgent ProfitUnit
201950Sets10,000,000AED 2,500,000 AED
2020200Sets300%40,000,000AED 10,000,000 AED
2021500Sets150%100,000,000AED 25,000,000 AED
20221000Sets100%200,000,000AED 50,000,000 AED
20231800Sets80%360,000,000AED 90,000,000 AED
20243000Sets67%600,000,000AED 150,000,000 AED
20254500Sets50%900,000,000AED 225,000,000 AED
20266000Sets33%1,200,000,000AED 300,000,000 AED
20277500Sets25%1,500,000,000AED 375,000,000 AED
20289000Sets20%1,800,000,000AED 450,000,000 AED
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